We offer the finest in creative, quality location photography.






We also will travel to your office or home for location portraits, and we have our own favorite outdoor locations that we can suggest.



The most outstanding thing about any child is the beauty of youth, with the dainty features and purity of expression. This is nature’s loveliness and great effort should be made to preserve it. The most important rule is simplicity…one color, little or no pattern. For babies under six months, we ask for one piece outfits in white or pastel with no pattern. With older children solid white is excellent, but bright colors can also work very well, such as in coordinates or sailor suits. Don’t forget hats, scarves, bows, ribbons, etc. Also, if your child has a special toy, interest or hobby, include that in your picture as well. When more than one subject is to be photographed, it is EXTREMELY important that their clothing match or coordinate in both style and color.

We now offer extremely high quality digital photography for both portrait sittings and product and commercial shots. Having your sitting done digitally enables you to instantly have beautiful color or black & white prints that you can take with you. We can also put your digital image on a floppy disk or CD.